One in 10 people are gay? Not even close
Studies poke holes in a statistical sacred cow — especially where lesbians are concerned
The Rise of Guest Blogging
Earned media – third-party content that profiles and links to your business – is search-engine gold… even when the writers don’t exist and the reviews are fake.
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Meet monogamy’s crusader, Sue Johnson
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The Daily Package News Blog
A bi-weekly roundup of international LGBT news.
Lesbian Buddhist wedding a first for Taiwan
Huang Meiyu and You Yating sought permission from monks
Four days occupied
The city of tents would only survive four more days before the New York Police Department would sweep it out of existence...
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Gay German lives before and after the Nazis
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Trish Kelly’s thwarted electoral run in a cautious party system
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What we still don’t know about people who don’t want sex
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Gay serum rumour: The letter that launched it
Chinese mailout to Burnaby voters tied to BC Parents’ Voice
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Mr Gay World contestants accuse organizers of bullying, bias and incompetence